Sunday, February 22, 2009

Could These Children Look Any More Different? Or Be Any Cuter?

One blond-one light brown. One nice haircut-one crazy. One blue eyed-one brown. One oblong face-one square. One transparent skin-one brown. One skinny nose-one button.

I couldn't stop looking at Sambo and Buddy today at church. They looked so adorable in their coordinating sweaters, so I had to take a few photos when we got home. One of the huge advantages to adopting your children is that it's not vain to say they are the cutest children in the whole world. Because mine are. I mean just look at them. Maybe it's still not socially acceptable to brag about your children as much as I do, but give me a break. These boys are cool.

(I'm thinking of changing Sambo's blog name to SpongeBob-SquareHead. Check that head out!)


crazymamma said...

er09aww..these kids are the cutest kids! ..seriously i love them to death! just looking at their pics makes me smile cause it reminds me of their cute little personalilties

Myndi said...

Those boys are cute. And their sweaters are adorable--where'd you get them? I want to get Hippo an Easter church outfit (partly because he's outgrown his current church clothes) and haven't found anything worthy of my fashion sense; those sweaters certainly make the mark though.

Doesn't it make you mad that you can walk into any store and find racks and racks of beautiful spring dresses for girls and absolutely NOTHING for boys? It's rare I criticize Costco, but for crying in the night, get some boy clothes.

M said...

I got both sweaters at Target. I got Sam's when I was looking for something for him to wear for our family pics. Then Noah's went on clearance, so I got one for him too. Noah's was $4!!!!

I agree about Costco for boys (but their PJ's are another story! GREAT!)

Check Children's Place. 99% of my kids' church clothes came from Children's Place outlet. Is there one near you? I usually get their pants/shoes/shirts/sweaters for $5 each. In fact, I just a bunch of new stuff for Noah there.

R said...

Not only cute, but great personalities.