Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let me Introduce Teddy

Teddy has special magical powers. He can comfort a bad dream, an owie, loneliness, and he even helps you feel better when you're really sick. He doesn't mind getting peed on and he hates getting lost.
When Buddy was about ten months old he fell in love with this little bear and so we named him Teddy. Teddy provided comfort and friendship and became a part of the family.

Buddy would suck on his tongue and put Teddy up to his mouth and rub Teddy's ear on his lips. It was adorable. He only recently stopped doing it (Much to my disappointment. I hoped he'd do that forever.)

We've tried to introduce all sorts of stuffed animals to Sambo but he really hasn't taken to any. He sucks on the tails of his monkeys, but he doesn't really snuggle with the monkeys. In fact, he usually throws them out of the crib.

However, we've noticed that he likes to snuggle with Teddy. Buddy's Teddy. Every time he gets his hands on Teddy he laughs and hugs him. He's pretty easy to console anyway, but Teddy always does the trick. Thank goodness Buddy doesn't seem to mind sharing because the older Sambo gets, the stronger the bond becomes.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Two brothers loving the SAME bear. And neither boy minds.
That either shows how special Teddy is. Or how close these brothers are.


Myndi said...

I don't think you or J ever wanted to snuggle with beakie--or did you?!

Michelle said...

That is very sweet