Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miniatures (by G)

Why do miniature foods taste so much better than the regular-sized foods? I haven’t been able to figure out why, but they just do. For example, when we were kids and we would travel with the family, my mom would buy miniature candy bars. My favorite candy bars were the miniature snickers bars. For some reason they would taste so much better than the regular-sized candy bars. And that is saying something, because I love the snickers bars.

Just recently, Burger King has come out with “Burger Shots.” This actually is not anything new because when I was a kid, they had the same thing for a little while and called them “Burger Buddies.” Anyway, it’s the same concept: miniature-sized burgers. The other night M was coming home from a meeting and asked if she could pick up anything for us. If I remember correctly, it was Tuesday night and we were preparing to watch The Biggest Loser. I have a tendency to sympathy eat when I watch The Biggest Loser, but that’s another story. I asked her to pick up a 2 pack of Burger Shots.

Now I like BK burgers ok, but I don’t typically crave them. She got home and I bit into the first one. It was fantastic. I polished off both of them in no time. For the next few days I was craving more Burger Shots. Finally, on the weekend, we went back to BK and I decided that a six-pack was the way to go. They were just as good. I’ve had more since then and I’ve recommended them to other people. I think that I’m operating under the illusion that because they are small, I can eat more of them to make up for their size. But they are good.


Myndi said...

I'm really glad you posted this. First of all, I love the commercials for these. Second of all, it has suddenly become politically incorrect to eat fast food and I LOVE fast food. Third of all, I always get hungry when I watch The Biggest Loser (and don't even get me started on how hungry I was during 'Super Size Me').

Mandy said...

Um, I think for you to say that you've been recommending these is an understatement. I was convinced that Burger King had hired you as a spokesperson. Everything out of your mouth was Burger Shots this and Burger Shots that. I hope they never discontinue these or you're going to need a good therapist.