Sunday, June 14, 2009

Free At Last

Sambo lining up his busy social schedule -- 18 months

Sambo attended nursery at church today for the first time. This is a huge right of passage for Mormon parents because it means the parent actually gets to listen to church for the first time since the child was born. I'm in primary, so I don't really get to benefit from this glorious day. But to be really honest with you, I haven't seen G so happy in a long time, so I guess I did get to benefit (if you know what I mean). G is serving up pie in celebration as I type, as a matter of fact.

When G dropped Sambo off, he considered opening up the door a crack and giving him a swift kick through the door, then running away before the teachers could see who the lovely child's father was.

But he decided to give them a heads-up about Sambo's milk issues, and the fact that he doesn't know how to share, thinks he's the center of the universe, and would probably eat all the other kids' snacks. The teachers apparently said, "Oh, all kids are like that."

But when G arrived two hours later to pick him up, apparently Sambo had so much fun he refused to make eye contact with his daddy. He DID NOT want to go home.

And then the teachers admitted he did in fact eat all the other kids' snacks. (As a side note, Buddy's nursery teachers are now our best friends because of the bond we formed over funny Buddy nursery stories. Buddy also used to eat all the other kids' snacks. What is wrong with our kids? I swear I feed them all the time!)

They didn't mention anything about his inability to share. They probably didn't want to come off too hard on him his first week.


G said...

He's got both of my old phones.

Nicki said...

I seriously crack up everytime he eats - he can really put it down!