Sunday, June 7, 2009


Buddy and a few of the neighborhood kids spent the afternoon collecting "pets" yesterday. All-in-all Buddy collected 11 salamanders and 2 frogs that are now living in a bucket on our patio. Buddy is so excited because his parents are too mean to allow pets in the house, so this is a nice compromise. He provided a safe* habitat including water, rocks, sticks and plenty of leaves for the pets in the bucket.

*By safe I mean, safe from animal predators since he went outside no fewer than 300 times today to check on them and hold them all. A few already have passed away, I assume from too much Buddy love, if you know what I mean.


Nicki said...

Buddy was so excited to tell me all about this yesterday, even more excited to tell James. The funniest thing was when he was trying to explain what a salamander was to James. He got mad at me when I even suggested that it was kind of like a newt :)

Nicki said...
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Myndi said...

Ah come on, just let him keep the salamanders in you room!