Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Balloon-Man, June 2007

The past several times I've been to Seattle, I've noticed the same creepy balloon-man outside Pike's Market. He sits right outside the famous fish-throwers. Trouble is, even though he's sitting ten feet from one of the most crowded places in one of the biggest US cities, I've never seen anyone near him. It's just bizarre how he can deflect a crowd.

We were back in Seattle this past weekend and low-and-behold, he wasn't there. I got a good laugh seeing that his replacement was just as creepy and had just as few kids around. The photo doesn't do this situation justice. This guy juxtaposed with the crowded Pike's was hilarious.

New Balloon-Man, August 2009

We actually spotted the old balloon-man all alone on a different street. So he's still in business. But barely. (Photo unavailable, however.)


Myndi said...

Not even Buddy would venture over?

crazymamma said...

oh man..this is too halrious...i have not been able to stop laughing! cause i remember that creepy old man! HALIROUS!