Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Thanks for being on the same page with me in all matters big and small concerning our family.

Thanks for cleaning out the garage and the trash when they reeked really bad after the whole freezer incident.

Thanks for changing your plans after I told you how much is in our checking account and how badly I want that canner on craigslist.

Thanks for letting me kick your trash at the gym. (just kidding)

Thanks for mowing/making the lawn look so awesome.

Thanks for vacuuming the wood and the stairs.

Thanks for helping with the dishes every night you are home.

Thanks for learning what my love language is and being willing to accept it. Since I'm still unwilling to accept yours. (just kidding)

Thanks for taking me out on a legitimate date tonight for the first time in what? Six months? Because if I don't get out minus kids soon, I think I just might harm someone.

Thanks for sending that awesome email to that opposing counsel. Considering what an idiot (and that's putting it mildly) he is and how he was trying to bully you to make himself look better, your response was perfect. I would have just emailed him back "boo-ya."

Thanks for providing for our family.

Thanks for never complaining when you have to work late twice in one week, plus go in early for meetings, plus go to Bend overnight and get up early for two presentations there, plus get up early for meetings on Sunday -- all in one week. Meanwhile I complain if I have to get up early once or twice in a week.

Thanks for making extremely awkward phone calls for me so that I don't have to get too stressed out.

Thanks for going to Woodburn with me. When I suggested I go alone so I could get away, you suggested we all go so you could spend time with me on your rare night home.

Thanks for buying me Burgerville twice in one week. Holy cow they have some really good "seasonal" treats right now.

Thanks for im'ing me all day long.

Thanks for being willing to forgive and for being patient as I struggle to learn how.

Thanks for listening to my long-winded recounting of every single thing that happened that day.

Thanks for pretending my day was way worse than yours even though there's no way it's true. How can going to the fair/swimming all day be that bad (even if I was cleaning up poop the whole time?)

Thanks for thinking our boys are as darling as I do.

Thanks for being willing to teach the boys important things.

Thanks for being gracious when it's obvious they like you way more than they like me.

Thanks for finishing that garage project. Even when I stopped helping months ago because it was annoying me so much.

Thanks for getting off the couch every time I ask for a drink or treat.

Thanks for removing all those overgrown and ugly shrubs from our yard.

Thanks for making my happiness and our marriage number one in your life.

I love you. Can't wait to hang out tonight.


crazymamma said...

awww...i seriously just shed a tear..that was seriously the cutest post EVER! SOO CUTE M!! and G...what a awesome guy u are! you and michelle are the cutest couple..and i look up to you guys soo much! Thanks for being a good example for my marriage..u have helped more than u would EVER KNOW!...looks like someone is getting LUCKY TONIGHT!!! WOOOT! hahahaha

J said...

Thanks for making all the rest of us husbands look like crap...boy, I have a lot of work to do.

R said...

What a wonderful tribute and expression of love. And to think, G is nowhere near the age of Marge or Hazel. You guys make a great team.

Myndi said...

You guys are the best match I've ever known.

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