Monday, August 31, 2009

Lego Maniacs

Buddy is at the "obsessed with legos" age. He spends time every day working on cool designs. For months we tried to keep the baby and the legos separate because the little one has a real tendency to put small things in his mouth. But that was not working. For one thing, he does whatever Buddy does. But mostly, it became clear that he had a real knack for legos himself and once we gave in and let him play too, he would spend more time than Buddy building things. Right when he wakes up in the morning he runs to the lego bin to start building. Its fascinating watching his chubby baby hand build. Buddy always comes to show me his creations and of course I "ooh and aah." So Sambo has learned to do the same thing. He'll hear me telling Buddy how awesome his boat is, so Sambo will quickly stack a few legos together and come and show me. Of course he's grinning ear-to-ear because he's super proud of himself.

It'll be fascinating to see what this little obsession develops into. Sambo's birth family is made up of several fairly well-known artists and already we're amazed at the agility of his hands. Nobody in this family has hands that work like his, that's for sure. So it's curious to think about if his interests come from his genes or from watching his older brother. Or a combination of the two.

Most mostly its fascinating to see the two boys working together to create something. They have such different personalities and abilities, so they make quite a team. Luckily Buddy doesn't usually mind too much when Sambo's talent for breaking legos comes into play.

I'm not exactly sure why in all of these pictures Buddy is wearing pajamas. He's sick today, so that explains the top pictures but the others were taken last week. Weird. I guess he didn't get dressed that day either.


G said...

And apparently we don't ever comb Buddy's hair.

Myndi said...

Oh, how I love legos and can't wait until Hippo is old enough that I can justify buying them for him (me).

Nicki said...

James has recently become OBSESSED with legos - it's all he does at my parent's house...I guess I know what to get him for his birthday and Christmas.