Sunday, September 27, 2009

Evening Out On The Town

G and I had been anticipating this past Thursday night since May -- when G bought me tickets to go see the Killers perform for my Mother's Day gift. I told G I'd take him (as opposed to some other friend/date) for his Father's Day gift. That was pretty clever, I thought.

We started the night at our favorite Portland restaurant, Pambiche. It's a small little Cuban place that has a delicious meal called vaca frita. (Sometime I'll have to tell you the story about how our love for this meal came to be.)

After dinner I needed a chocolate fix and we had some time to kill (notice the pun) so we stopped at Rose's Deli for some chocolate cake. Yum!

Once we were sufficiently full, we left for the concert. G got amazing tickets, so we were on the floor up pretty close to the stage. I was a little freaked out that there were no seats because I feel too old to mosh or have somebody else's sweat or beer poured all over me. Luckily, only "floor" ticketholders got to be on the floor so it definitely wasn't a free-for-all. And much to my relief (and G's disappointment) the crowd, especially near the front with us, was extremely mellow. No crazies, no crowd surfing, and no moshing. The guy in front of me smelled like he hadn't showered or washed his clothes in awhile, and somebody near us had major gas, but otherwise, it was OK.

(These pictures were taken with our cell phones, without zoom, so you can tell how close were were.)

The concert was amazing. This was our second time seeing the Killers, and they lived up to our expectations this time too. Trust me, it was so cool.

I felt a little awkward wearing my "Killers" t-shirt to Buddy's "Fun Run" at the elementary school the next day, but I had to. It amazes me how many people don't know the Killers (and looked at my sideways for wearing my shirt to cheer on 5-year olds as they ran around the track). So anyone within the sound of my voice that hasn't listened to the Killers, please do. You'll thank me later.


crazymamma said...

SOOO AWESOME! i love the day b4 i die i would love to see them..:) and seriously that food loooooks sooo goood..ummm lets all go there sometime! u can show us what to eat!

G said...

Even though she took me, she couldn't stop drooling over Brandon Flowers . . . .

Nicki said...

I'm so jealous!! Not only for the concert, but for the awesome time you guys got to have together :) Yay for you!!