Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun Run

An update on school: I'm warming up to the whole school idea. Things at school are good for Buddy and I'm enjoying a few hours of silence each day. Sambo whines and cries when Buddy is gone, so I usually put him down for a nap early and enjoy true quiet. But mostly I'm enjoying the pure joy that Buddy feels while at school. He seriously loves it!

Last Friday Buddy's school had their annual "Fun Run," their run to earn money for the school. I've lived in this town long enough to know it's a big deal for the kids. In past years each grade got a couple of hours to run around the track. One boy I know ran 11 miles last year!

This year each grade only got 20 minutes. I'm not sure why they changed things, but I didn't know any different, so it was still so fun. It was quite an enjoyable experience cheering the little Kindergarten kids around the track. Between church and the neighborhood, I knew quite a few of them.

Most of the kids (Buddy's age) ran 5-6 laps. For the record, Buddy was right in the middle of the pack and finished 6 laps (1.5 miles). A handful of exceptional kids ran 7 laps and it was so exciting. My dad has done a few marathons and that feeling of pride for him I felt at the finish line was the same for these little kids. I am a huge proponent of children playing outside and getting plenty of exercise and it was really cool and cute to see how proud these small children were to accomplish something.

One of my favorite kids in primary (I know I shouldn't have favorites, but I can't help it) is this little guy (below). I already have so many stories about him, but now I love him even more.

He sprinted around the track the entire time and was quite a distance ahead of all the other kids. He finished his 7 laps well before anyone else finished and eventually the principal encouraged him to stop running and get a drink. His mom was standing there with me and was just in awe because she had no idea he was a runner.

And one more cool thing: Each Kindergarten child had a 5th grade "buddy" that ran along side of them to offer them encouragement. It was darling for one thing, but so funny to see some of the good runners out-run their "buddy." A few of the buddies were begging their kindergartner to slow down and walk. Classic!


Emma said...

how fun! David's school started something like that last year. I was sad I missed it. I will definitely go this year!

Myndi said...

Maybe Buddy and T should work out together--they both (one a 5 year-old and one a 5 month pregnant woman) can outrun L...but not me...at least anymore. I am down to under a 10 minute mile!

G said...

To me, "fun run" is an oxymoron.

J said...

I agree with G. I try to run while on my two week break...but it does last much longer than the first few days. Pretty sure Buddy could run more laps than I could.