Sunday, September 6, 2009

They Say You Shouldn't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Am I the only one who spends at least half of my day cleaning up spilled milk? (The other half of my day is spent washing sheets/clothes/pajamas thanks to children who poop/pee/throw up/get bloody noses all over creation).

In running through the events of the last week, I tabulated that I've cleaned up spilled milk six times. And those are just the incidences I can remember off the top of my head.

(1) Buddy spills his cup of milk while putting it in the fridge.

(2) Buddy spills his cup of milk when he stands up suddenly while at the counter.

(3) I spill the soymilk when I try to shake it, without realizing the pop-off lid isn't secure.

(4) G spills droplets of milk from the soymilk carton all over the floor -- while trying to carry a pile of recycling to the garage.

(5) Sambo spills a sippy cup when he reaches suddenly up to the counter while I was trying to pour the soymilk -- because he just couldn't wait for me to finish.

(6) Sambo spills milk all over the floor because his sippy cup lid isn't screwed on properly.

I kid you not. This all happened in the last week. Please will someone let me know that I'm not the only one?


Emma said...

Oh, you are not alone! I have to clean up spilled milk everyday! And it's usually from an unnamed 5 year old, and occasionally everyone else.

R said...

Spilled milk happens

Myndi said...

Spilled milk while opening a new gallon for Hippo's breakfast oatmeal, spilled oatmeal during Hippo's breakfast, spilled oatmeal when trying to clean up Hippo's breakfast. And that was only the first 30 minutes of our day. Tune in to my blog for more about spilling today...water, in this case...

Nicki said...

Avery spilled a cup of milk during breakfast, right when I was feeling the sickest. The thought of cleaning it up made me feel like crying. Needless to say, both kids drank water until I got better. I hate cleaning up milk with a passion.