Saturday, October 24, 2009


Buddy has been enjoying doing his homework every night. A few minutes of reading or handwriting or different math games. But this past week the homework was particularly exciting. His teacher was inspired by a book called "Look What I Did With a Leaf!" She had the children collect leaves and create a creature out of the dried leaves. I'm sure Buddy is the first child in the history of time to create a praying mantis out of leaves. But thanks to some help from his clever father, he came up with a really cool piece of art. Looks like daddy just signed himself up for all science or art homework duty from now on. I could never have created anything so cool. I had a hard time letting Buddy take the finished product to school because I loved it so much.

Buddy had so much fun and had enough leftover leaves, so he decided to create another project the next day. He created this dragon all on his own with his leftover leaves. He is very creative and I was especially impressed that he used oak leaf stems as the teeth. I love it!


crazymamma said...

this is the cutest idea EVER! i totally am going to have conner do this! i love love love it! and tell g i may send conners artsie homework over to him as well...hahaha!

Myndi said...

I love it too. Wow!

Nicki said...

As much as I hate praying mantises - that one is really cute!