Friday, October 9, 2009

Projects-Sewing 101

This is one is for: Sarah and Mom.

My mom sews very well and she sews often. She has tried on several occasions to teach me to sew. And try as I might, I just haven't caught the bug. I'm not very creative, fabric is expensive, I have other hobbies that fill my time, and irons/pins/scissors/needles would create a real problem in the wrong hands in this house (read: little boy hands). I can sew, I just am really bad.

So when they announced at church that a group was forming to sew pajama pants, I decided to participate. Buddy picked out some really awesome clearance fabric and I went to work. I know enough to know that pajama pants are super easy to sew (I'm not THAT clueless, mom) but it was good for me to pick a project I knew I could actually complete. And I did complete the project.

Those are flames on the fabric, if you can't tell

are a little small in the bum-region. I had to make up his pattern because I didn't want to buy a separate pattern for his little body.

But I'm really happy with Buddy's. He loves them and I love that I actually sewed something. Good job me!


Myndi said...

The top picture I thought the fabric was Hawaiian and with Buddy's mussed hair and Sambo's perfect skin tone I thought--what a perfect fit.

J said...

I remember when mom made all my clothes. I loved a pair of Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle shorts she made me.

Sarah said...

Yay!!! The PJs are so cute! Every little boy needs flame pajamas...