Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome back, Hippo!

My sister came to visit last week from Utah.  She was here only a month or so ago and we were already missing them something fierce when they called last minute to say they were coming again.  My brother-in-law's dad has a timeshare at the coast that opened up, and they just couldn't resist coming for another weeklong visit.  Amazingly fun is the best way I can think of describing our week!  Especially since they are moving clear across the country in a few months, so our visits will become very sporadic.  So sad!

Sambo and cousin Hippo are 3 months apart and have polar opposite personalities.  Very rarely did they get along, but they were adorable together nevertheless -- especially when embracing in an "I'm sorry" hug.

Of course no trip to the beach is complete without a stop at our favorite hangout, the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Buddy enjoying a cone at the cheese factory.

Now, these are the two that get along the best.  Buddy and Hippo are definitely cut from the same cloth.  Noah held Hippo in Sambo's stroller for awhile while shopping.  It was quite a sight and quite a workout pushing 75 pounds of kid in a stroller built for one.  But they were both in heaven, so we couldn't resist.

Like all visits with family, we spent about 90% of the time eating.  This was at a buffet at the casino.  I know it's hard to believe a casino could be a low-point of the trip, but it most certainly was.  Think too many cranky geriatric folks and all sorts of unsolicited parenting "advice."

One of the rare moments these two got along.  All hell broke loose a few moments after this photo was taken, though.

While they were here, we also visited the beautiful Tulip Festival.  I love this place!

Could these kids be any cuter?  

Not pictured:  Our baby cousin (my brother's baby) who spent quite a bit of time with us too.  Maybe we'll get more pictures of him next time.


The Robisons said...

These pics. made me miss Oregon even more. I loved the cheese factory and still insist on only buying tillamook cheese at costco. ANd the Tulip festival is just amazing! It is also amazing how your sister's little guy looks like a clos relative of Buddy. They definitely look like the same family! BTW I sent you an e-mail, if you did not get it, it is because I have an old BYU e-mail address of yours that I am not sure if you use. If you have a new e-mail please send it my way!

StrykerLOVE said...

Is that 'cheese' ice cream Buddy is eating? your kids (and that very cute cousin) are adorable - are you guys coming out to Utah at all?

Myndi said...

Those pictures are priceless. That first one with Hip and Sambo's reluctant expressions!

Hip has asked not less than once a day to either see Sambo, Buddy, or go "walk on beach?"

crazymamma said...


J said...

I'm glad Camo got mentioned there in the end. I was a bit sad to see all the cousins together for a picture without Camo. He's a bit small still...maybe next time.

JLJ said...

Wow. Those tulips are amazing! I don't think tulips can even grow in AZ, so those were really a sight for sore eyes.