Monday, June 7, 2010

Race for the Roses

 You'll never believe it.  I actually ran a race.

I've always hated running.  I do it just to get my cardio in for the week and I do it so I won't be morbidly obese, but I most definitely don't enjoy it and I'm not good in the least.  Plus I have developed this really annoying problem where a few hours after I run I feel sick the rest of the day.  I feel weak and dizzy and get a bad headache and if I run too long, I feel sick to my stomach.  So between not being good at running and feeling sick after, running is most definitely not my cup of tea.  But I value good health and everyone I know says running races is fun, so I thought I'd give a short race a try this weekend.  It was my very first race (besides that one race I did when I was on the cross country team in 7th grade.  The time I realized I most definitely don't enjoy running.)

I signed up for the 5k and Buddy and Sambo signed up for the 2k.  You know what's weird?  I actually kind of enjoyed myself.  I enjoyed the slight competition, even though I wasn't in it to do anything besides just run.  However, obviously you don't enter a race to come in last, so I had to keep up.  Plus the sun was out (for once this spring) and the course was really pretty.  Not to mention, 99.9% of my running is on a treadmill, so it was really nice to actually be able to breath deeply and feel the wind on my face.  What a novel idea!

Besides my extreme equipment malfunction, it was a good experience.  I got to the race 15 minutes early, parked, locked the car, then realized I had left my Ipod at home.  I always keep it in my car, but I had brought the wrong car to the race.  I had a slight panic attack right there wondering what to do.  Risk missing the start of the race, or run without Adam Lambert and Frank Black?

I made the executive decision to go home and get it and I'm not joking, I'm calling my drive home and back a miracle.  First of all, I drove like a maniac and second, somehow I didn't have to stop at any lights.  I made it back and got to the start line with 30 seconds to spare.  I had just enough to time to attach my Ipod to my pants and get in line at the very, very, very back.

 I love this picture.  You can see Buddy in the foreground and me motivating Sambo in the background.

Because I don't know race ettiquette, nor do I know anything about pacing myself since I've never done a race before and I run on a treadmill, I was totally confused about what to do.  I was at the back behind some slow people, so I was unsure how to pass them and get into a comfortable rhythm.  So that was a bit awkward, but I managed.  Just when I got into a good rhythm, I got hot and tried to take my long sleeved shirt off.  Because I hadn't properly situated my Ipod cords before I started the race, they became a tangled mess inside the shirt I had taken off.  I tried to untangle while running, but that didn't work, so I literally had to stop running and stand there on the side of the road to sort that little problem out.  Several people jogging by were laughing and rolling their eyes.  The only consolation was I knew they were obviously beginners too, otherwise they wouldn't have been that far back in the pack.  ...And I passed them all later.  So despite my pesky Ipod tripping me up, it was... dare I say it... fun!

 Buddy finishing!

The very best part of the race, though, was the kids' 2K (5 laps).  Buddy definitely has a knack for running (that's not a surprise to anyone that's every seen how energetic he is).  After he'd finished two laps, I asked him if he wanted me to run with him for a little bit.  He did, but after about 30 seconds I dropped out because I couldn't keep up.  He was cruisin!

 Sambo finishing!

G and I traded off helping Sambo around the track and honestly, I about died -- he was so cute.  He was the littlest person running and he was trying so hard to keep up with the bigger kids.  All the spectators cheered so hard for him, of course!  We called it a finish at 3 laps as soon as Buddy finished, but I'm confident he could have finished if we were willing to wait -- and hold up the next heat.  He was pretty slow, but determined!

I would have been proud of the boys for doing the race in the first place, but I was so proud of how awesome they both did!  At least all their running around the house has paid off!  So since Saturday I've tried to remember that when they turn the house upside down, they're just trying training for their next race.


Brittany said...

way to go! i've always had a hard time paying money to run. but have found that i too enjoy the competitive side to it. and i've noticed it is when i see my best results. congrats on your first race!

ps - my friend was on the committee who put together the event you ran in. small world. in fact, maybe you know him. jim schaffer? and his wife mel. you live in sherwood right? or no? they're in one of the sherwood wards.

The Robisons said...

Way to go Michelle! I too, hate running, but am trying to train for a mini-triathalon in the fall if my back will cooperate. We shall see... You look great in that top pic!!!

R said...

Once again, very proud of you! But never as proud as when you ran that one race in 7th grade. Seeing you come up the final leg of the race with tremendous determination on your face to not let that other girl pass you. And you didn't! That scene will always be among my fondest memories!

Nicki said...

Yay for you!! I love that picture of you and your boys :)

Myndi said...

Sweet! Tu vas, fille! (That's a English to French idiom I made up).