Monday, August 9, 2010

The Birds and the Bees and the Amphibians

We just rolled into town from a wonderful trip to Reno.  More on that later.

While in Reno, Buddy watched a few episodes of the new Life series.  During one of the episodes on amphibians he asked if the bullfrogs and water snakes were "mating" or fighting.  G stiffled a laugh, and said he wasn't sure.

Later, once I had been notified that he used the term "mating," I decided to broach the subject -- and asked him if he knew what that meant.

Buddy:  I'm not sure, but it means they love.

G:  What's the point of mating?

Buddy:  I'm not sure, but after they love, then they fight.

Wise beyond his years, I tell you.


crazymamma said...

ok this about tops one of my favorite buddy comments! i love this! he is a wise little man..and has nailed every relationship on the dot! tooo funny! i am soo glad u are back!! woot woot

Myndi said...

I've been wishing Buddy was around me lately. I need his comic relief more often.