Monday, August 23, 2010

The Perfect Day

Remember how I said I needed a vacation in the worst way in my last post?  What I meant to say was I needed a vacation -- but I didn't need any of the work that goes into getting ready for a vacation -- in the worst way. 

And that's just what we got yesterday.

We went to the beach with our closest friends (missed you Nicki! You totally missed out!!!!!)  And seriously, it was just what the doctor ordered.  In fact, I just talked to another friend on the phone who saw me last on Friday and she said, "You sound sooooo much better today!  What happened?"  This particular coastal location is very healing for me, apparently.  Every time I go there I come home happier and more capable of facing the world.

Yesterday was no exception. 

I have a bum foot and G did 99.9% of the work, so I literally just sat around and enjoyed good conversation with my friends, ate chips, and watched the kids playing so happily.  We kept saying how much fun it was to let the kids play with very few restrictions.  They played with true abandon for hours without once being told to "calm down" or "be quiet" or "please share."  It was fantastic!  Plus the weather couldn't have been better.  It was not only sunny, but warm enough that the kids were all sweaty in their swimsuits.  We ate hotdogs and roasted smores.  The kids ran up and down the sand dune, caught crabs, threw sand, and enjoyed playing together.

I wish I could look forward to "next time," but our life of the party is moving in 2 weeks, so rather than dwell on that horrific fact, I'll just focus on how awesome the good times have been.  Thanks Shauna for making everything fun.  Love you!!!!!!


crazymamma said...

ok seriously..i was doing soo good today..I was sooo proud of myself for making it almost 24 hours since i last cried...then I saw this post..and seriously the tears are pouring down my face.! i am seriously sitting here boobing and bawling like a baby! yesterday was soooo much fun and just what i needed..I was perfect!except.. now.. all i want to do is run away from my life and maybe set up a beach camp for life at pacific city. It was soo much fun. thank you soo much for posting this and being soo strong when i am feeling soo down. I love you m! ..u too G! P.S can you burn me a cd of all the pics we took yesterday?

Myndi said...

I cried like a fool, right there in a very crowded Cafe Rio, when Val walked away after saying good-bye...good friends are like family and make life worth it.