Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's really strange to think we just got home from vacation just over a week ago because I need another vacation in the WORST of ways.  Luckily I got my windows cleaned by a professional yesterday and if it weren't for bright clean windows... well, let's not go there.

Let's focus on the awesomeness of our visit to Reno instead.

We went to Hot August Nights.  G went every night, but I could only manage once.  I just don't have the stamina for car after car after car but the men of the house sure enjoyed it! Sambo said "Whoah!  Tar!  (Car!)" every time he saw a different car, which was about every .5 seconds.  Good thing he likes classic cars because we're painting his room silver with a black racing stripe soon. (G's inspiration came from a Camaro a few months ago.)  Buddy most liked the Grim Reaper car because he's still really into monsters.  He is really good to identify the different Camaros, Corvettes, and Mustangs.  He liked walking around best, but Sambo loved watching the cars cruise by. 

We took a leisurely float down the Truckee River near Lake Tahoe.  It was heavenly.  It was very relaxing and was fun to enjoy the sunshine and the drunken fools all over the river.  Our kids were pretty much the only kids on the river, so we got immunity from all the water fights between friends and strangers alike as we floated down the river.  Buddy loved the river, especially the time we hit a few rapids and he fell out and had to cling to a bridge we were passing under.  Too bad we didn't get a picture of that because it was hilarious.  He loves to be scared, so this was the highlight of his entire vacation and he still is talking about it.  Sambo was a bit tentative in the raft, but seemed to like it by the end.  And now every time he sees a river he says, "River!  Me boat!" so apparently it left a good impression.
Buddy caught and loved on a lizard in grandma and grandpa's yard.  Both boys were totally in love with that thing and begged and pleaded to let them bring it back home to Oregon.  We felt so bad for the poor lizard because the kids manhandled it constantly.  Finally we had to let him go back to his family, much to the huge disappointment of Buddy.  Yes, tears were shed.  Many tears.

This is what I mean by manhandled.
And this is what I mean by loved.  He is petting the darn thing.  Check out the look of love on his face!
We also went swimming in the Truckee River in downtown Reno.  The city has created a fantastic place to kayak, swim, and tube, right in the middle of town.
They just got done floating down some rapids. 
We shopped while the kids played in the fountains at the mall.
And then the very best part.  We stumbled upon a Grimaldi's.  The ridiculously good pizza that we waited in line for 90 minutes in Brooklyn.  They've apparently opened up 4 other restaurants around the country and lucky for us, Sparks, Nevada has one.  We about died because the food was fantastic, plus we didn't have to stand in line for it!
We also went to the railroad and checked out some trains.  Sambo loves choo-choos, so it was pretty exciting for him.  We've been trying to bribe him with a choo-choo ride if he learns to go poop on the toilet, so of course, the entire way home he was really proud of himself thinking he had fooled us.  Because no, he yet to poop in the toilet since the last time I bribed him.

Not pictured are the other amazing meals.  One of these days we'll have to get a picture of us at the Atlantis buffet.  We go every time we're in Reno and this is no ordinary buffet, I tell you what.  We also enjoyed lots of relaxation and time to read.  The kids rode their scooters and terrorized grandma and grandpa. And then we returned home 400 pounds each!  That's what I call a successful vacation!


The Robisons said...

Looks like Fun! GOtta love summer vacations.. we are in Canada right now. I never realized it was grimaldi's you loved so much we have one in henderson... maybe it will make you come visit!!

Myndi said...

Maybe you should take me on a vacation--away from here would be great. Just let me know when you're ready.

Jordan said...

The last time I was in Reno I was young and bored out of my flippin' mind. Next time you go you'll need to stow me away in your bags and then you can show me all that Reno really has to offer...rafting, swimming, pizza, trains...sounds fantastic to me.