Thursday, September 9, 2010


This is a picture of Buddy and his birthmom's daughter (his biological half-sister).  Aren't they just the most gorgeous children you've ever seen?  We just saw her a few days ago.  She is now 19 months. 

Here are some pictures of Buddy that look so much like her, it's incredible.  He looked more like how she does now when he was closer to 15 months, but still the resemblance is so fun to watch.  It's like a very welcome trip down memory lane to see her from time to time.  She not nearly as busy at Buddy was at that age (but who is).  It's awesome to see how those chub rolls run in the genes!  Amazing that his birthmom makes such chubby babies, considering how tiny she is.  And how tiny Buddy has become as he's gotten older.

And now what's even more incredible is how he looks more and more like his birthmom the older he gets.  This is where he gets his good looks:


The Robisons said...

That is totally how I remember buddy. With those amazing fat-rolls! What a cutie-pie. I love looking back at how chubby Luke was too! I am glad you have such as great relationship with his birth-mom! (And those good-looks could have just as easily come from you if he had your genes ;).

crazymamma said...

AWWWWW..i love the pics of sienne and Buddy! Soooooo i kinda miss the cute chubby little noah who made history as one of the cutest nursery kids i had EVER taught!! love you guys!