Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of First Grade

My little Buddy went to First Grade today.  Luckily I have been super busy and preoccupied with all sorts of other things, otherwise I probably would have had a nervous breakdown over the matter.  I hate that he is growing up and is supposedly mature enough to function outside the home without me.  And it's true -- he's needing me less and less.  I loooove having him home.  He is a huge help and he keeps me and Sambo occupied.  (Oh, you should have seen the reunion after school.  It's like the boys hadn't seen each other in three months.  Much hugging, wrestling, and loud laughter all afternoon and evening.)  Not to mention, I hate the annoyance of the school schedule: up early, to bed early, packing lunches, homework, and no time for fun, peer influences, etc.  I hate that busy lifestyle and I've been dreading this day for a long time.

But the big day came.  Although I've been dreading school, I've been careful about what I say because he also has been dreading it.  He's a fantastic student and makes friends easily, so there's no big issue holding him back.  Except he worries about all sorts of scenarios -- none of which are very likely.  Needless to say, he's been a little nervous the past few weeks.  G gave him a blessing last night (after we rolled into town from Utah at 10:00 PM).  This morning he told G that he was nervous until the blessing and after that he was excited. 

I took him to school and then he returned home on the bus.  He reported a great day and loved recess, lunch, when the teacher read 2 books, and when he found a Magic Treehouse book about Halloween that he hadn't yet read.  Those were the best parts of his day -- in that order.  The saddest part of his day?  When he talked on the "rug" to his best friend and had to go sit on his desk with his head down.  Poor kid was humiliated, so hopefully that was a good lesson.  Trouble is, he has several close friends in his class, so I doubt that will be the last time talking on the rug happens.

As for me and Sambo-we managed OK.  I kept busy canning pears and tomatoes.  And Sambo hung on my legs and messed up the house worse than it already was.  I wonder how many months til that kid learns to play with toys on his own. 

I'd complain about him not being able to play on his own, but I've learned through sad experience that time passes too quickly and soon he'll be heading off to school too.  So in the meantime I'll enjoy the company.


R said...

While Buddy may not be at home and you miss that, the bright side is this is just the beginning of all the exciting things the boys will do at school over the years. We missed those most when the kids graduated.

Jordan said...

I can't believe he is in first grade. He's getting too old already.

Nicki said...

He looks so grown up here!

Myndi said...

I've been anxiously awaiting this post. That said, I nearly burst into tears when I saw it pop up--he does look grown up and ready to head into this chapter of his life.

About Sambo not playing with toys on his own, we have that problem around here too. Today Hip threw a major temper tantrum when I told him I would not put his lego guy into the tractor that was 4 inches from his hand but 10 feet from mine. He then "hurt" his lego guy buy hitting him and since the lego guy was hurt he needed "mommy" to hold him (the lego guy, I think). Geez.

JLJ said...

Please tell where you got that awesome jacket! I know a 5 year old boy that would love one like it.