Monday, October 18, 2010

Six Bad and One Good Part of the Day

  1. G is putting in another long day at the office.  Don't worry, it's not getting old or anything.  And to think it's only Monday.
  2. Me, Sambo, and Buddy are all feeling a little under the weather.  None of us are on death's doorstep or anything, just sick enough to feel... not good.
  3. Tonight at practice a kid told Buddy he is the worst soccer player on the team.  Buddy believed him, and since he really isn't very good, we had to have yet another talk about talents.  We talk about this almost every day lately.  The real interesting thing is, he actually played pretty well at practice today.  Go figure.  
  4. Buddy now knows that I don't really have magic eyes.  He's been suspicious for a few months, but he confronted me point blank tonight.  Luckily, he's had excellent behavior lately so I haven't needed my magic eyes anyway.
  5. I forgot Buddy had school today.  Like, for reals.  Forgot.  G  left really early, and I heard Buddy get up.  I was in and out of sleep for the next 30 minutes, all the while thinking how glad I was that he didn't have school today.  Finally around 7:45 I heard Sambo get up and go play with Buddy.  At that point I thought to myself how annoying it was that I couldn't sleep later, since I didn't have any reason to get up.  At 8:02 Buddy came into my room and asked if he had school, since if he did, he was now late.  I told him he didn't.  He then asked what day it was, since yesterday was Sunday.  And that's when the panic hit.  Crap!  We hurried fast and he ended up being 17 minutes late for school.  There is nothing more humbling than taking him to the office to get his tardy slip wearing my pajams, no bra, attrocious hair, while carrying Sambo who was also in his pj's and was  not wearing a coat or shoes.  Nice.  What's so weird about all of this is that last night I made the consious choice to NOT set me alarm, seeing as we "didn't have school today."  (In my defense, he's had 4.5 of the last 10 weekdays off school for one thing or another.)  The really awesome part?  It's only October, so this will most likely happen again at some point this year.  
  6. We got some more bad adoption news tonight.  If I didn't have perfection sleeping upstairs, I'd be tempted to lose my faith in the process.  But it works, and I know that.  And I thank God every day for my boys' birthmoms -- that they had the courage to choose adoption.  
  1. Buddy likes to practice for when it's his turn to be the "Sensational Student" at school.  He gets nervous about being on the spot like that, but he's really excited for it to be his turn to show his class a few items that represent him.  Apparently after school today he packed a bag full of new items because when it came time to read his scriptures before bed, he had to rummage through a sack to find his Book of Mormon.  I asked why it was in the sack and he said, "When I'm the Sensational Student I'm going to show them my Book of Mormon to tell them that I believe in Jesus.  I don't care if some kids don't -- because I do." If you knew how self consious he is about most things, you'd realize how significant that is. 


J said...

I hope the one good overshadows the six bad!

Myndi said...

I want to punch the kid who said those mean things to Buddy. Seriously, punch him.

P.S. I know I'm a little (okay a lot) crazy right now.