Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend in Review

The kids are now in bed.  And we're winding down from an excellent weekend.

  • When G suggested we pool our resources and fly my sister and her family (including their baby due to arrive any day!) here for Christmas.
  • All the help G gave me this weekend.  Hanging Halloween decorations, which pleased Buddy beyond belief.  Mowing and fertilizing the lawn.  Taking me to the grocery store.  Cleaning the house 5 times.  Vacuuming.  Helping with dinner.  Wrangling children.
  • When G took me to Craft Warehouse, Dollar Tree, and Joann Fabric because he needed to get out of the house.  The only places I was willing to go were those husband/kid un-friendly places.
  • Picking out our pumpkins.
  • Going to Burgerville.  I learned they have sanitizer.  And they have a recylcing bin.  I LOVE recycling AND sanitizer!!!!!  I didn't think it was possible to love Burgerville any more, but I do now. 
  • When Sambo told us on the way to Burgerville that he needed to go poop.  That was the first time he's ever flat-out told us.
  • Staying up late and sleeping in a little. 
  • Taking a nap on Saturday.
  • Relief Society today.  And typically I'm not a huge fan of Relief Society, so that's saying something.
  • When Sambo surprised us by answering this question during FHE tonight:  "When do you feel the spirit, Sambo?"  He thought for a second and said, "Listen to Jesus." 
  • Getting this little project finished.  I bought a very low-quality white particle board cabinet off Criagslist.  We gave it a little elbow grease, spray painted it, and updated the hardware.  Looks pretty good doesn't it?  It's now the home for all of our boys' craft supplies.  I love it!  I saw something similar a couple weeks but couldn't stomach the $200 price tag.  Cabinet plus supplies cost around $40.

  • When Sambo told us on the way to Burgerville that he needed to go poop.  I hate public restrooms.
  • When Sambo learned to use the word "hate" and now says it in every other sentence.  According to the last 15 minutes, he apparently strongly hates going to bed.
  • When G found out on Friday afternoon that he's got a case that is indeed going to trial in a few weeks.  Which is why I enjoyed having him around so much this weekend. 


Myndi said...

That cabinet looks super good.

And to G, thanks for arranging things on our behalf. It is incredibly generous--if nothing other than to have something to look forward and anticipate--and we know we will have such a good time like we always do. We seriously can't wait.

And mmmmmm, Burgerville.

Jordan said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is going on. I feel out of the loop. Is this going to be a good ol' fashion family Christmas? I need answers!