Friday, November 26, 2010

Monster Bash

Buddy is really into monsters, and absolutely loves all things Halloween, so we hosted eight of Buddy's monster-friends for his 7th birthday party. 

We started with a monster craft.

Then we played freeze dance to some "spooky" music.  Freeze dance quickly turned into a 10-kid dog pile.

Then we had the kids put their hand in bowls of "blood and guts," "monster fingernails," "scabs," "eyeballs," "intestines," and "monster fingers." It was hysterical how some of the boys were so afraid they would hardly participate.  A few boys thought the activity was dumb and then there were a few (like Buddy) who are so imaginative that they really hoped that those were really were monster fingers. 

Next, the boys wrapped each other with toilet paper like mummies.  We were so impressed with how well the boys did at this activity.  And how much they loved it!

We finished the party with monster cupcakes and presents. 

That evening we went to Famous Daves so Buddy could get himself some ribs (his favorite), and we ended at Sonic for slushes.  Then on Sunday we had a family party with Buddy's second favorite: whole-wheat waffles with strawberries, chocolate chips and syrup along with blueberry muffins and eggs, and then caramel apples for dessert.  We had a great weekend.  We are so happy Buddy gave us a reason to celebrate -- and eat excellent food!


Nicki said...

The theme was pure genius. The perfect thing for boys our age. And the cupcakes turned out darling. Do you want to plan James' party for me? :)

Myndi said...

You always make your children's birthday parties so much fun.

I am dreading the birthday party phase of life. Do I start at age 3?

Sambo looks adorable in the first picture; oh my goodness I wanted to reach into the picture and hug the snot out of him!