Sunday, November 14, 2010

That was AWESOME

To answer your question, YES, I do plan to blog every time I go to a Brandon Flowers/Killers concert.

We went to our third last night and when it ended I was seriously sad.  It was SOOOOO good.  Before it started I had to make my peace with the fact that Brandon Flowers is solo at the moment and we wouldn't be watching a Killers concert.  I knew the show would be good, but nothing can compare with the type of show the Killers put on.  Brandon is such a showman and together with the band and the lights and the keyboard... it's all really exciting.  I had to come to grips with the fact that this was smaller and it wouldn't be as showy.  Luckily, he did do "Mr. Brightside" during the encore, which was excellent.  The rest of the show was so good too, although not quite as good as the last we went to.

A few other observations.  Brandon always wears the goofiest outfits.  He had his feathered jacket last tour.  We watched him on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his solo album and he wore the strangest 90's tapered pants and a Navajo vest.  We were hoping he'd wear that because it was so odd/cool.  But, he opted for suspenders and high-waisted tapered jeans last night.  It's definitely been awhile since I've seen anyone in their 20's wear suspenders.

G really likes the venue we went to last night and I have to agree.  We had to sit upstairs in the bar, so I could sit (with my bum foot and all).  I had a perfect view of the stage, although G's seat wasn't as good as mine.  To be completley honest, I'm too old and too lame to enjoy being in the middle of the chaos on the floor, though, so my bum foot really actually came in handy.  G LOVES to be in the middle of the chaos.  (This is one of the few differences in personality/interests we have.  That and his love of snow sports.)

Anyway, I noticed that we were the youngest folks in the seating area.  And we aren't exactly young.  I didn't realize that Brandon Flowers draws such an old fan base.  There were a lot of people in the 40's and even 50's around us.  I'm sure the young whippersnappers were down on the floor, but sheesh, it's not like this was an Elton John concert.

Oh, and the other thing that was really odd was how many people were there stag.  The lady sitting next to me was alone.  And the guy in front of me was alone.  And then there were two people across from us alone.  I thought it would be cool to hook them all up, but they all seemed totally fine being alone.  So we left them that way.  Who goes to concerts alone?????  Apparenlty quite a few people.

We love that all restaurants/bars/concert venues are smoke-free in Portland.  SO NICE.

So, until next time. 

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Myndi said...

What venue was it? I am jealous, I haven't been to a concert in a really long time. There were several I would have enjoyed in SLC this summer but I didn't feel up to going being pregnant-I'm regretting that now.