Friday, November 12, 2010

Reason #8762 Why We Love Open Adoptions

I suggested Buddy write a thank-you note to his birthmom for some gifts she gave him for his upcoming birthday.  This is what he came up with 100% on his own.  I love this.  But I can guarantee that this will make her day/life.

Front cover of the card.  She didn't really give him "diamonds" but her husband, Dan, gave him some big plastic jewels that are admittedly AWESOME.  Purchased from a gas station, of all places.

Back cover of the card.

Inside the card.
(click to enlarge)


Shauna said...

ONE WORD >>>SOO FREAKIN ADORABLE..ok that might have been 3 words..but seriously that was so cute to see..she is going to love it!

J said...

He is so cute and so thoughtful. He proves everyday that he is a special kid.