Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dad Makes Dinner (by G)

Tonight M had a Relief Society Dinner that she was forced to attend. It was just me and the boys and we were all getting hungry. I do not enjoy cooking at all. M says that I'm good at it, but I really know it's reverse psychology to try to get me to do it more often. I also do not enjoy cleaning up after cooking. Basically, I only enjoy looking at food and eating it. Tonight I was on my own in the kitchen, so I prepared a meal that was tasty and did not require a lot of prep or clean up. In the spirit of all of those food websites, here is the finished product:

Open-faced Toasted Fried Egg Sandwiches with Cheese and Pickled Okra on the side.

Buddy enjoyed it.

Sambo, after doing his own hair for dinner, also liked it. Take that, Pioneer Woman! You can email me if you want the recipe.


crazymamma said...

hahahaha this is a family favorite over here. yumm! and seriously the boys' hair is getting so long. i am a little biast but i mean can they be ANY cuter! give them loves for me!

R said...

Ask you wife about homemade egg McMuffins when she wasw a kid. Easy to make. But pickled thanks.