Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Biggest Little City

Spring Break was marvelous -- just as we hoped.  We went to Reno to visit G's parents.  G went to ski Reno's snow one last time before his parents move away and I went to sit around. 

Some of the low points before I get to all the highlights:
  • The weather.   It was snowy, windy and cold the entire time.  The ski resort was closed most of the time we were there because of all the wind.  The only day they made it up to the mountain it was 6 degrees!
  • For some reason the boys attention-seek, disobey, and ignore everything I say when we are out of the normal routine.  Thank goodness they don't act like that every day.
  • The boys came home with their first colds of the winter.  I guess we should be relieved that we made it this long...
  • The guilt over all that food we consumed.  Oh mercy, did we eat!  
 The highlights:
  • We had no incidents on the drive there are back!  We did have to take an alternate route home to avoid a snowstorm, which helped us avoid any weather-related problems.  We also avoided hitting any wild animals, car accidents, tickets, dramatic visits with potential birth moms, and vomiting.  The first incident-free road trip in years!
  • The Grassroots Bookstore.  Every time we go to Reno G and I go and load up on used books.
  • G and I went on THREE dates!!!!  The first was to the bookstore and Walmart.  The next was to dinner and a show (more on that in another blog post), and the last was to dessert at Claim Jumper.  Going out without children is heavenly.  Especially when we don't have to pay a babysitter or clean up after a babysitter when we come home.  
  • The kids slept in until 8:30 -- and often later -- every single day. 
  • G took his remote-control helicopter and had fights with his dad, who also has a remote-control helicopter.
  • Reading for hours every day.  I really wanted to sit around and read all week.  And I did.  (At your earliest convenience please read the book "These Is My Words by Nancy Turner.  One of my all-time favorite books now.  But not if you are a boy because you'll think it is really lame.)
  • G took Buddy skiing for the first time.  They had a fabulous time, of course.  More to come on that.
  • Eating non-stop.  In-n-Out twice.  Atlantis Buffet.  Strawberry/Orange Julius's every night.  Einstein Bagels twice.  Grimaldi's.  Val's great dinners. 
  • Val's all-fruit smoothies.  Buddy actually asked her if he could get the recipe since I always add vegetables to the ones I make.  It was like smoothie nirvana for the kids and G.
  • Ken's breakfasts every morning.  We never make a fancy breakfast at home.  And if we do, it's for dinner.
  • Buddy's hike with grandpa.  He's still talking about it.  The boy was born to hike.  
  • The kids playing in the snow.  Sambo had never built a snowman before and Buddy has only a few times.
  • Having grandma and grandpa around to play with the kids.
  • The kids telling knock-knock jokes on the way home.  Except Sambo kept getting confused and would say, "Ding-dong..." to get the joke started.
  • Putting together 500-piece puzzles.  I love puzzles and hadn't done one in years!
  • Circus Circus with the kids.  
  • Buddy has chronic nosebleeds even though he's had both sides cauterized.  His bleeds are severe and once he starts a cycle, it's several days or weeks before they stop.  He always starts a new cycle in Reno, but thanks to a new-to-us product called Ponaris, he didn't get any this time!  He just finished a cycle a few weeks ago, so we thought for sure they would be a problem in Reno.  Three cheers for Ponaris!
  • One day I tried to get Sambo to take a nap, which is a losing battle nearly every time, so I don't even try usually.  This particular day we all needed a break.  I thought he had fallen asleep, but with very few items in his closet-bed to work with, he got creative.  He took his underwear and jacket off, put his shirt on like a "skirt" and put his pants on his head.  That's how I found him!  Who knows how long he had sat there like that.  Three hours maybe?


The Robisons said...

Looks like a fun trip. Your boys are so adorable. And you look great in the pic of you. I can't believe how long your hair is and how skinny you are! (although you don't look very happy in that pic. ;) I am getting the itch to come visit you...

Danyella said...

pure H A P P I N E S S !!!