Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We've Made Our Bed and Now We Have to Lie in It

We're celebrating 13 years of marriage next month and to celebrate, we got a bed.  The first 9 or 10 years of marriage we were too poor to buy optional furniture.  We got a halfway decent mattress finally three years ago but it's been on a cheap frame.  Shortly after we got married we bought a couple TV trays from Walmart and those have been our nightstands. 

Year after year we've talked about getting a bed and have looked around quite a bit, but we never really fell in love with anything and then we got sidetracked buying furniture for the kids, kitchen, and family room. 

A few months ago I decided enough is enough.  I'm ready to choose a bed.  I love to shop and I love having a nicely decorated home, but I can't create a vision in my mind.  Creating that vision is pure torture for me.  I have to actually see the piece before I know it's what I want.  I am also extremely indecisive and really picky too.  It's really a problem actually.  (Ask my friends!  Ask my husband!)

This is why it's taken us 13 years.

A few months ago I became bound and determined.  I wanted a deep brown sleigh bed.  But then some friends suggested I avoid a footboard, which would detract from the big window and a really pretty dresser near the window.  I loved that suggestion.  So then I chose a few options without a footboard.  Then I decided I didn't love them.  And I picked a few more out.  Then a friend suggested a metal bed.  I hemmed and hawed about that one for a few weeks but decided it was too casual and I didn't want to rest my back on metal bars when I watch the 11:00 news every night -- although I really liked it and might consider it eventually for our guest room.  I love the look of light fabric and leather together, so I started to think that's what I really wanted.  So I picked out a few leather beds.  G and I were in a deadlock -- him liking one leather bed and me liking another.  The saleslady suggested one more option -- an almost black leather bed.  I knew immediately it was the one

I went from brown sleigh.  To brown not-sleigh.  To metal.  To brown leather.  To black leather.  

It was delivered yesterday and I'm head over heels in love.  I am crazy about it! 

(The nightstands not so much, but at least they are better than TV stands.)


The Robisons said...

Yeah Michelle it is beautiful! I would love to replace our DI mismatched bedroom furniture someday... maybe at our 13th anniversary!

LCM said...

Watch out for the footboard. We have a similar bed and Dave has almost lost a shinbone because he forgets it's there. Looks beautiful!

Emma said...

nice choice! We too have not yet bought a bedroom set for our room. Aaron and I discussed it the other day, and he too didn't want a footboards - or at least not one that comes above the bed. We'll have to start looking into some options. But I think we've made enough household purchases for this month!

Danyella said...

I love it! Good choice :0)

crazymamma said...

LOVE it! awww..look at you with your grown up room! soo adorable! i am a tinsy(ok a lot bit) jealous! wow. next time i visit survivor nights on your bed are going to be AMAZING! looks happy for you guys