Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beans Beans the Magical Fruit

I haven't blogged lately because nothing really funny has been going on.  Alas, we had a memorable comment from Buddy tonight at dinner.  I made white bean and chicken chili for dinner. (I know, not very summer-y, but it sounded good -- and it was.)  After placing Buddy's bowl in front of him he said, "Oh good!  Looks like we'll all have the farts tonight!"  Then he proceeded to tell me that white beans are the second most "farty" bean, right behind (my pun, not his) red beans.  Apparently he read this in a book.  And in case you were curious, we had broccoli as a side dish. 

Did you miss me and my fascinating blog posts? 


crazymamma said...

i wished i was eating that majical farty meal you made. sounds delish..even if gas is the aftermath. i miss you and buddy. and g and little s:(

Carrie said...

So I just found your blog! A link off of Amber's. How lame am I to just discover it! I will send you an invite to mine if I haven't already.