Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who Am I Now?

Do you remember my Trump or Monkey post concerning Sambo's hair?  Well, we finally found a hairstyle that is super cute and he's been sporting that for a few months now.  It started to get really long in the bangs, although it had grown out to a good length everywhere else.  G took him to get his bangs trimmed today and he came home looking suspiciously like Jim Carrey.  This poor kid can't win!

And for comparison's sake, here's what he looked like before the bangs got trimmed: Oh well, he's still the most adorable brown-eyed boy I've ever seen.

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Myndi said...

The hairstyle is called the "Lloyd Christmas." Don't you remember me telling you to get this style done at Christmas? I LOVE it, it totally works for his face. Cute, cute boy.