Friday, August 19, 2011

Catch Up

I'm bound and determined to get caught up on the ol' blog about the fun we've had this summer.  We have had a great summer although we've definitely had some low points.  Although it's winding down, I'm in denial and refuse to talk about school in a few weeks.  We're still going strong and trying to enjoy every day.  We haven't done anything extravagant and haven't done any big vacations.  But you know how you can tell we've been having fun?  My house is a mess, I haven't been to the gym as much as I'd like, and the blog is neglected.  Something's got to give, right?

However, my yard and garden are in good shape, we've been to the zoo three times, we go to the pool once a week, we've been to the park too many times to count, Sam learned to ride a bike, we've picked berries lots of times, we read constantly, we've played with lots of friends, we go to the library once a week, we've been to Bend, we've been to parades, our friend Ben put a beehive in our backyard, we got a visit from G's sister and family, I went to an adoption conference and the boys held down the fort at home, we've been sad with friends who have been having a hard time, we've reviewed our parenting and learned yesterday our kids are poorly behaved and it's all our fault (long story and I'm only slightly being facetious), we've been to the beach with another trip planned tomorrow, today we went boating, and next week I'm going to start canning. Phew!

A few of our events deserve a separate post, but here are a few recent pictures.

At the zoo with Sambo's birthmom.  She is SO good to both boys.  I love her for that (among lots of other obvious reasons).

Ben put a beehive in our backyard.  He's showing us one of the frames.  We have all been fascinated by our new little pets.  I think he said there are 50,000 bees in the hive. 

4th of July.  Yes, Buddy's head is sweaty from riding his bike for hours.

Eating ice cream at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  One of our favorite places.

This child loves to climb.  (Loves is an understatement.)

I love this boy.  My love was tested (so to speak) yesterday and I shocked myself with how defensive I became of him.  Love, love, love him.

Jumping off the sand dunes at the beach.

Have I mentioned this child is part monkey?  My littler son is there in the pic too, but not quite as adventurous.  Buddy at the top, Sambo at the bottom, and some other kid in the middle.

Riding the zoo train.  Poor Sambo gets strangled by his brother every time they pose for a picture together.

At the children's museum with our best friends. 

This is Sambo's best friend in the whole world.  They are playing "vet" at the children's museum.  I almost died of cute overload.

Eating a treat in Bend. 

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Robison Fam. said...

You are an AMAZING mother! Anyone who says otherwise has not watched you in action! Glad you have done so many fun things this summer! I LOVE Oregon!