Sunday, August 21, 2011

We Should Be in a Marching Band

This has become the summer of parades.  As it turns out, we've been in three and watched one this summer -- all for different causes.

My dad suggested we register to walk the parade route for the Grand Floral Parade during the Rose Festival.  If we paid the entry fee (which benefited a center for grieving children), then walked the 4-mile parade route just ahead of the actual parade, we got reserved seats to watch the parade when we finished.  It was a great suggestion and we had a lot of fun doing it with my parents and my brother and his family.  I hope we do it again!

Darling cousins before our walk started.  

 Getting ready to walk the parade route.

 Here we are walking the parade route.  People line the streets early to stake out good spots for the parade so we had "spectators" the whole way.

 Watching the Grand Floral Parade after our walk.

Then in July Sambo's birthmother's mom invited us to walk with her in our town's parade.  She is the Oregon Mother of the Year, so she has been spending the year speaking to groups and making appearances to spread the word about the honor and dignity of motherhood.  G and Buddy sat in the crowd and waved as we walked by.  I walked with Sambo's birthmom and he got to ride in the car and wave at the crowd.  As you can imagine, I got lots of questions about our association with the Mother of the Year, but as you now, I'm always happy to talk adoption!

 Here Sambo is with his birth grandma, Oregon's 2011 mother of the year!

 Buddy and James after the parade holding their haul.  Buddy opted to "watch" the parade rather than participate so he could collect candy.  Smart kid!

This past week we joined a parade to kick off the county fair.  We walked with a few members of our adoption support group.  It's a fun tradition we started a few years ago and I hope we keep it up.  The parade route is short and it's fun to wear our adoption shirts and throw candy.  And then for participating, we get into the fair for free.  My mom joined us and we spent the entire day at the fair.  The weather was perfect, so we took our time wandering around, hanging out listening to music, looking at the animals, eating popcorn and snowcones, and getting free stickers and flyers from the various booths.  The ladies at the "right to life" booth got a HUGE kick out of our adoption shirts, to say the least.  I think we made those women's day/life.

 Me and the boys before the parade.  Notice the boys' sweet new adoption shirts.  Too bad you can't see mine.

 Here is our little group, minus my mom and the girl taking the picture. 

We also watched the 4th of July parade in my parents town.  I LOVE this parade, since I grew up going every year.  And we've gone every year that we've lived her since finishing at BYU (bless G's heart for being a good sport.)  However, after having watched the Grand Floral Parade a few weeks prior, my kids weren't as thrilled as me by the one-float-parade.  When the motorcycle cop finished the parade, Buddy shouted, "Yay!  The parade is about to start!"  We felt bad telling him, sorry, that was actually the end.

Here we are enjoying the parade.  My parents ward was the only "float" in the whole parade. 

G wanted me to point out that they always play "Louis, Louis" at parades.  Anyone know why that is?  Since we are now parade experts, we should know!

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