Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 Reading Challenge

Just like last year, we did a reading challenge this summer.  Our goal was to read 10,000 combined pages in three months.  For some reason it was harder this year, but we finished just in time for a big night out as a family.  For our reward, we went to pizza, bowling, and played some arcade games.  We hadn't taken Sambo bowling before and it's been a good long while since Buddy has been.  The boys were in absolute heaven.  This is one reason I love boys.  They are so easy to please! 

The bowling was really fun.  I was the big winner with a whopping score of 85.  G had to play with his left hand "because his shoulder hurt" (from an injury roller skating with the boys a few weeks ago).  One time Sambo knocked down a bunch of pins and shouted "home run!"  I think he must have heard "strike" and assumed home run would apply to a good frame.  It was pretty funny. 

We also did the other challenge each June, July, and August that we did last summer.  We had a contest between us to see who could do the most service, exercise, reading, scriptures, "special time" with kids, and work.  In June Buddy won $20, and of course, G won the $20 in July and August.  He won every time last year and my theory is he only has to worry about himself and not the kids...
In case anyone is curious, here is a list of the books we read.  I didn't write down G's books, so he'll have to post his own in the comments.  Have you read anything good lately?  If so, let me know!

G read:  3482 pages

M read:  3176 pages
"Eat to Live" (enjoyed)
"Ramona and her Mother" (read to the kids-love this series)
"Heaven is Here" (LOVE and highly recommend)
"All There Is" (ok)
"Ramona Forever" (read to the kids)
"Forgotten Garden" (love this book)
"Power of Positive Parenting" (practical tips for dealing with frustrating kid behaviors)
"Blue Castle" (lesser known book by L.M. Montgomery)
"Drop Dead Healthy" (hilarious-highly recommend)
"Bossy Pants" (hilarious)
In progress:
Book of Mormon
"To the Rescue: Biography of Thomas S. Monson" (soooo inspiring)
"Ramona the Brave" (reading to kids)
"Crossing to Safety"
"James and the Giant Peach (reading to Sambo)

 Buddy read:  3300 pages
"Seven Day Magic"
"The Heini Prize"
"Cryptid Hunters"
"Magical Mrs. Plum"
"Death of Silas Winterbottom"
"Aunt Severe and the Dragon"
"Fablehaven #5"
"Guardians of Ga'hoole #1"
"Storm Runners Eruption"
"Magic Treehouse #1" (read to Sambo)
"Strange Case of Origami Yoda"
"Farmer Boy"
In Progress:
Doctrine & Covenants
"Origami Yoda #2"

Sambo read:  134 pages
"Bob Books 1-14"

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R said...

Congrats! Especially to Buddy...it won't be long til he is the winner! Great family activity and fun afterward to celebrate.