Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I was born with zero creativity.  I imagine all kids are creative (besides me), but mine are especially so.  They both are "out of the box" thinkers.  I'm amazed at what they come up with on a daily basis.  Yesterday they rigged up a "water slide" in our backyard.  They've dug a 7-foot deep hole in the field behind our house and play all sorts of games out there.   

Every day Sambo usually works on some sort of "surprise" project for Buddy while Buddy is at school.  The surprises range from "look at how I did my hair today! Isn't it cool?" to a new rock to a castle out of blocks waiting on the living room floor at home.  He is super into making masks too and frequently surprises Buddy with a new one.

 Castle Surprise

 Bird Mask Surprise.  (He made this entirely by himself.)

The Tron Legacy Mask Surprise.

Sambo checked out a book from the library with all sorts crafts.  The boys love it so much we've renewed it 3 times.  Sambo saw one in there with colored water, so we rounded up some Mexican Coke bottles that we just so happened to have lying around.  We filled them with colorful water and lined them up in the kitchen window like a rainbow.  The picture below does NOT do them justice.  They are so pretty!

And I can't leave out Buddy, since he comes up with cool and crazy stuff all the time too.  He made a "Gaboon Viper" for his Raingutter Regatta boat for Scouts last week.  He designed it and besides some of the basecoat painting, did it just how he wanted it.  He also has been drawing a lot the past few months and has quite a collection of dinosaur drawings.  My friend, who is a real artist, mailed him some sketch pads a few weeks ago and he's been filling them up quickly.

Today I picked Sambo up from preschool. The teacher let me know they learned about "mice" today.  She said the kids worked on making a "mouse house."  We both laughed when she told me most of the kids made a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  But she said, "It was really funny because Sambo actually made a computer instead of a house.  He was very intent on working on it and really wants to finish it at home."  As I got in the car, it came to me.  He made a computer because he was instructed to make a mouse house.  Get it?  Computer?  Mouse?  I asked him to show me his computer he was working on.  Sure enough, in the middle of his "laptop," was a trackpad (or mousepad). 

My kids are so awesome.

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Your kids are awesome!!!