Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas List

Last week the Lego store at the mall hosted a really fun event.  They had an outline of the USA on the floor and kids or adults could make a U.S. landmark to add to the grid.  Sambo made a spaceship and Buddy made a river with a salmon. I wish I would have gone back at the end of the 3-day event to see the final product.  It was really cool already when we were there at the beginning.

For the past 9 months or so, every time Sambo sees something at a store he CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT, I tell him to "put it on your Christmas list."  It's sort of unfortunate that both of the boys have birthdays near Christmas because the poor children have to wait all year for anything.  Unfortunately, Sambo doesn't know how to write and I'm not usually really listening when he talks incessantly about what he wants while we're shopping. 

Well today he confronted me.  He asked me where his Christmas list was.  I told him I lost it.  But he totally called me out and accused me of not writing anything down.  So I had him grab a piece of paper and we started the list.

After telling him that he is asking for too many Lego sets for Christmas (18 to be exact) -- and that Santa will think he's greedy -- he informed me, "You don't control Santa.  He can do whatever he wants."  

Here is what is on the list so far.  Knowing him, I'm sure there will be MUCH more added in the coming days. Unfortunately this doesn't really give me much to work with, considering I'm not buying him 95% of what's on this list.

Sambo's Christmas List:
  • Camera
  • Remote-Control Train
  • Hello Kitty Mini Fridge
  • Slushee Maker
  • Dad's Remote Control Car
  • Gun
  • Circle Gum
  • Kid Computer
  • A Real Ipod
  • And we narrowed the Lego list to: Batcave, Speeda Demon, Republic Striker-Class Starfighter, Ultra Sonic Radar
While he and I were looking through the Lego catalog, I noticed Buddy had written me a note on the Ninjago page of the catalog that said, "No Ninjago's, OK mom!"  He has been wanting a Ninjago Lego boat for months and has even tried saving for it.  He said if he couldn't save up enough he wanted it for his birthday, which is in a couple of weeks.  But at the Lego store last week he saw other things he apparently likes better, so he told me about them. I kept telling him, you are sure you don't still want the boat?  You've wanted the boat forever!  Apparently he didn't trust I understood.  Hence the note in the catalog. 

Related:  We will be doing a lot of talking about giving this holiday season so my kids understand the true meaning of the holiday.

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