Monday, December 10, 2012

Music Lover


If you read this blog you already know that G is a huge music lover.  He owns more tapes, CD's and songs on iTunes than any other person I know.

Well it turns out, we've groomed Buddy into a music lover as well.  He's always listened to a lot of music since he was a baby, but lately it's become an obsession.  He wanted a radio and an iPod for his birthday.  We got him a cheap clock radio with an iPod jack for his birthday.  G has an old iPod, so we let him borrow that.  He now no longer wants to spend any time with the family.  He loves to sit on his bed and read books or build legos and listen to music.  He is so his father's son!

It's really funny because G and I listen to all sorts of music too and are totally "up" on what's cool and what's not.  We are pretty open-minded to music and listen to quite a variety.  But we must have a tween in the works because he does not appreciate most of "our" music.  I keep wondering when my music became lame.  ?????
  • We put Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" on his playlist and he asked for it to be taken off.  He does not like "old fashioned music" from when we were kids.
  • He can spot an alternative song from the 90's immediately and he does not enjoy it.  I guess it's a right of passage -- being disgusted by music from your parents' generation.  I've tried in vain to get him to appreciate U2, REM, Nirvana, and Cranberries to no avail.   
  • G and I like some country -- mostly some of the more popular stuff like Taylor Swift, Zac Brown, Carrie Underwood, and Brad Paisley.  Buddy does not, and informed me he wishes country "was never invented."  And asked me why whenever he's riding in the car, I keep my finger near the button for the country station.
  • He also hates Christmas music except for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Carol of the Bells."
  • He said making him listen to soft rock (which I don't listen to) would be the worst punishment in the world.
  •  He keeps a running list of songs he would like added to his playlist.  And is willing to use his own funds to pay for them.  Lucky for him, his father and mother already have all the popular songs on their playlists.
  • On our roadtrip a few weeks ago we were listening to Les Miserables to get us ready for the movie coming out soon.  (G is also reading the book.)  After a few hours of listening to the soundtrack/listening to Buddy complain, Buddy asked, "Do we have anything else to listen to besides Lame-Miserables?"  We thought that was pretty clever.  Even if he has turned into a smart-a$$.  
  • For some reason iTunes classified Josh Groban as "Pop."  This put him into a tailspin and really freaked him out.  He did not stop talking about this atrocity until we threatened to ground him from his radio if he brought it up again.
  •  G made some classical and church music playlists that he has not yet listened to.  He would rather listen to nothing than listen to classical while doing his homework. This surprises us considering how much he enjoys playing classical music on the piano.  We're hoping he comes around on this issue.  
  • Buddy frequently asks me to help him look up information online about different bands.  He wanted to know how old One Direction and The Wanted are.  In doing some research, we ran across a song by the Wanted that I had never heard before.  He quickly recognized it from "Ice Age 4."  I doubted that could be true, so we looked further into it.  Turns out, he was right.  He heard a song once six months ago and remembered it.  Would you agree that's pretty impressive?


R said...

Impressive! What/who does he like? What happen to his liking Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Snow Patrol, etc.? Somethings never change with kids, music and their parents.

Emma said...

I guess I'm "old" like you. I like your taste in music. So what does Buddy like?

My 10 year likes the music his friends talk about, but he doesn't have his own way to listen to music, only what I play on the radio or Pandora. I guess I've sheltered him a bit. He doesn't complain about the music I play though. He started making a written play list of the songs he wants to have on his ipod - when he gets one. I was impressed with his selection of 80's music, but too much Lady Gaga for my taste.