Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Life Lessons

I've decided to start a new segment on the blog entitled "Life Lessons." I anticipate that from time to time I will title my post with this designation and then proceed to share pearls of wisdom that can and should be followed, otherwise, your life may be more difficult than it need be. I consider this to be a public service to all. Here it goes:

FANNY PACKS ARE NOT COOL! I don't care who you are, old or young, you can not get away with wearing a fanny pack. It doesn't matter if the pack is made out of the greatest material in the world and has pockets for water bottles, iPods, and the like. If you have to carry enough stuff with you to warrant a fanny pack, you probably shouldn't be going out.


M said...

You're writing this for me, aren't you?

I have been telling G for years that I wish fanny packs were in style. Why aren't they? They're so much more practical then diaper bags. You put all your gear in the fanny pack then you have free hands to deal with kids, shop, eat, whatever. Plus the pack would sit so comfortably on my big hips.

Yang said...

what if you carry it under your arm like a manpurse? I have a small bag of tools that I use for house calls that is in a fanny pack, but I never strap it to my fanny, only carry it over the arm. Is that okay?