Friday, May 25, 2007

Quotes of the Day

G and I are religious 11:00 news watchers. We never miss (thank you TiVo). Last week there was a story about a group of Cub Scouts that had a Memorial Day ceremony at a local park. At first I was wondering why this was news (considering Memorial Day wasn't for another few days), but then they interviewed a little boy -- probably around eight years old -- and this was his sound byte. I'm still not sure why they sent a news crew to this even in the first place, but after getting this sound byte, now I know why they aired this story at all. Oregonians and consequently, Portland news crews are OBSESSED with animals. If there's any sort of animal news in Portland, the news is THERE. Happy Memorial Day???

"It was really nice to learn about veterinarians and all they've done for our country."


And then just because I haven't posted in awhile, here's another funny quote -- this one from Buddy.

We only give Buddy juice as a treat. He's hyper enough and I just can't find a good reason to give it to him every day. They say juice and soda are like the worst things to give kids for their teeth, it contributes to obesity and a love of sugar in kids, and in my child's case, does wonders for his behavior. However, if anyone around here is sick, I give Buddy Airborne, which he thinks is 'juice.'

So, last week he had a cold, so I gave him some Airborne in the evening. He said, "Why are you giving me juice?" I replied, "Because I love you!" (Note to self: that's a really stupid thing to say to a smart child.)

Without hesitating he said, "So, when you give me milk or water, that means you don't love me?"

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