Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?

Buddy was born with a full head of dark hair, and unlike most babies, he never really lost any of his hair -- though his hair changed from dark to red and now it's light blond. We didn't have a digital camera when he was an infant, but here's the first digital photo we have of him. This is Buddy at eleven months with a full head of crazy hair. By this age, he had at least two haircuts.
Buddy got his first hair cut at eight months, though it certainly should have been cut a lot sooner than that. Everyone pestered me to cut it sooner because it was completely out of control, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay $25 for someone to cut my newborn's hair. And I had no idea how to cut a baby's hair, especially since he couldn't even sit up yet. Plus, he was a baby for crying out loud. So right before he was sealed to us, G and I gave him a trim. Since then he's had too many hair cuts to count. When he was one and too out of control to sit still, I paid a kid haircutter to do it, but $25 is a lot of money. I had a friend do it once and I'll publicly admit, that was the only time I ever thought he looked ugly. I'm almost embarrassed to post this on the Internet for fear of ridicule. (14 months)
We then bought some clippers from Co.stco and started doing it ourself for awhile. (16 months)
But he's capable of sitting still now, especially if he's eating a sucker, so we get him sheared at a regular barber now. She does an amazing job, we don't have to worry about the cleanup, and the price is right too.
We've been really, really busy lately and haven't had a spare minute, so it's been a whole two months since we last got his hair cut. I took before and after pictures, just to show how crazy his hair gets if it's not sheared regularly. In fact, the barber removed so much hair, I estimated we'd be able to make approximately three sweaters from the wool. Or at least fill "three bags full." This is only two months time:

I think I might have given him a complex, though because the morning I took him in he told me, "I'm not a sheep. I just look like one."

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Emma said...

Wow, that's only two months of growth!! I cut my boys hair about every 2 months, but it doesn't get that long!