Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Water Sports

A few weeks ago we visited my parents in Reno. I grew up going to the lake and waterskiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, and tubing. Since it was summer time and the weather was nice, we spent a couple of days out at Pyramid Lake. It was wonderful. It had been 9 years since I've skied and boarded. It didn't take long to remember how much I enjoyed it. I also realized that my post-traumatic stress disorder blocked out some not so pleasant experiences.

For some reason, my dad had a knack for making me bleed at the lake. I remember the time when me and a buddy were on a ski bob (basically a two seat banana boat). My dad, unable to control himself, decided to give us a ride we wouldn't forget. He swerved the boat from side to side causing us to slide and bounce out of control. It felt like we were riding an angry bull. We were both bucked off and I fell into the ski rope which cut me on the side of the neck, the chin, and underneath my bottom lip. When I surfaced, I immediately saw all the blood in the water. Had there been sharks, I would have been eaten. I still have a scar.

Or another time, my dad, once again unable to contain himself, had my little sister and I on the tube. Again serving from side to side, we started to sling-shot across the water, the tube barely skimming the surface until it hit a small wave and pitched us like rag dolls. While we were tumbling and skipping across the water, my little sister's foot caught me on the side of the face and her toenail cut me down the side of my nose. Once again, when I surfaced there was blood in the water.

Surprisingly, this trip did not have any blood spilled from me. However, I did jump down out of boat, landed on a rock, and fractured my heel. But no blood.

We all had a great time. I also couldn't help but post a picture of my hot wife and adorable son.


Emily said...

I read this whole post thinking it was M posting until I got to the hot wife remark. All the while I was feeling so bad for her with such a "mean" dad. Then I realized that it was not M and then I didn't feel badly at all. In fact, I distinctly remember thinking "oh toughen up already" so I'm writing to apologize. I'm sorry your dad gets a bit carried away and judgment goes out the window. ;)

StrykerLOVE said...

Oh La La - La! Thanks for the B-Day greetings both. Greg - you had to get so toughen' up otherwise how would you have made it as a trucker that one summer? you would have been eaten alive if not! Sarah is coming in Dec to Utah - come see your family in Utah too and then we could all meet!

StrykerMan said...

I laughed because I can vividly see your Dad giggling like a mischevious schoolgirl as he whipped you around like a puppet. It's nice to see you still have your old form, or is that a stunt double?