Wednesday, August 22, 2007


We certainly write a lot about Jr. He is the source of endless entertainment for M and I. Lately, he seems to be getting more dramatic. He's started to use the phrase "never" and sometimes "never ever." Here are a couple of examples.

A few weeks ago, we decided to go to the Washington County Fair. We were taking back roads and unfortunately, we started to get lost. This was extremely concerning to Jr, who was listening intently to our conversation on where to go. Finally, he said in desparation, "We'll never get to the fair!"

Another time we were at a fast food joint (this was previous to watching "Supersize Me." (oh who am I kidding, we still eat fast food)). We were waiting for our food and it was taking a long time. Jr was hungry and was listening to us complain about the wait. Finally, he'd had enough and marched up to the counter and exclaimed, "We'll never get our food!"

Needless to say, it is really funny to hear him be all dramatic. I've now incorporated the phrase into my own vocabulary and use it every chance I get. "I'll never finish this post!"


StrykerLOVE said...

greg - not only did we watch supersize me - but marc had to read fast food nation - oh about 2 years ago. then there was an absolute ban on anything and all micky d's - unfortunetly for marc he was never around to enforce until sadly, even he - will once again take the kiddies to McDonalds. All hail corporate American superpower - they always win in the end when their weapon is addictive beef flavoring and french fries that last in perfect condition for 2 months. (did you see the supersize 'extras?')

StrykerLOVE said...

G. Love - do use you Buddy and Jr. as an alias for protection or are you doing away with his God-given name? What's going on here?