Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's About Time for an Update and a Tribute to Good Friends

It's been a very long time since G or I updated. We have lots to blog about, but we've just been completely swamped. On a scale of one to ten, our stress levels have been hovering around a 15. We're still alive and life is good, even if a bit overwhelming lately... Here's a brief update:

1. We spent a fabulous week in Reno visiting G's parents. We went to the lake two different days. Maybe I can get G to tell more about that and how he's still got his waterskiing and wakeboarding skills, despite a 9-year break from water sports. Buddy had fun playing with his cousins and we ate some very yummy food, including In-n-Out Burger twice, and the best casino buffet EVER. If you ever visit Reno, please eat at the Atlantis buffet. Delicious! We always go and every time I think they'll soon be changing their "children under four eat for free" policy. Buddy is a big eater and every time we go, I expect them to see how much food he consumes and change that policy. So far, so good.
2. The day before we left for Reno, I got pulled over for going 43 mph in a 35 zone. I was heading to the gym to work out. (See my last post) As the police officer was approaching the car, Buddy asked, "Is the police officer going to put you in jail for making a poor choice?" No kidding, I had about five seconds to convince Buddy not to speak A WORD while the police officer talked to me. The problem was, he has never gone five seconds in his entire life without speaking. I told him I'd spank him if he said ANYTHING. How's that for good parenting? Luckily, he kept quiet, but after the fact, I realized that my threats could have back fired. What would have happened if he told the officer, "My mom said she'd spank me if I told you that she was making poor choices and needed to go to jail." Wouldn't that traumatize the poor boy if I did get hauled off to jail... Anyway, Buddy was quiet and I got let off with just a warning. However, wouldn't you know, when I picked Buddy up after working out, he was playing dress up. He was wearing a police officer costume. Seriously.

3. I have amazing friends. As I mentioned above, life has been crazy and we've been making all sorts of big decisions. The other night two dear friends planned a fabulous evening for for me to relax. The husbands were planning to watch movies and I was supposed to go to Nicki’s house with Buddy to do something with the wives. They told me that someone would watch Buddy (and all the kids) because they had a surprise for me. I arrived and they told me they had arranged for me to go get a massage at a new place in town. First of all, the massage was amazing! I love getting them… The staff was waiting for me and since it was so late (9:00 pm), I was the only client there. They all knew about the surprise and were so excited to hear what the occasion was. I just told them a little about my week and mostly kept saying, the occasion is... I have amazing friends! When I got back to Nicki's house around 10:00, all the kids were sound asleep and Shauna and Nicki had gotten a HUGE eclair and had it all ready to eat, plus they had sour patch kids for me and a couple other of my favorite treats too. We sat around and talked, watched the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" (by the way, what am I going to do now that it's over? Go Sabra!!!!), and talked some more. Finally at 1:00 AM, we felt like we should probably break up the party, since our husbands had to go to work the next day. Words cannot express how nice it was… No kids, no phone, no husbands, no messy house, no stress. What a nice feeling to have friends who care and that are willing to just talk with me and listen and be excited and hopeful right along with me. It's been a few days and I still haven't come down from my high. I don't know if the massage and treats did more for my spirits, or if it was simply the generosity of my dear friends that has made such a dramatic change in my mood. Thanks again!!!!

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StrykerLOVE said...

La - where are my friends like that!? Lucky. Marc at least better be planning something as relaxing for me soon enough or I will go literally crazy - my breaking point is stretching. 3 weeks alone with 3 kids at my mom's house. BTW my sister Sally talks to Sophie EXACTLY like you talk (or used too) to your cat in that weirdly high alien voice. It freaked me out to here Michelle come out Sally. :-)