Friday, December 21, 2007


It's a good thing my self-esteem isn't based on how Buddy feels about me. A few weeks ago I was stressed so I was just planning on staying home all day and doing housework. I did take a shower, but after that I went to the gym and I never did my hair or makeup or anything. Halfway through the day, Buddy looked at me and said, "Mom have you showered today?" I don't really look any too great on a good day, but gosh, that's pretty bad when your son can tell when you haven't gotten ready for the day.

And then today, he asked me, "When did your sweatshirt get too small for you?"

In his defense, he just grew out of his clothes, so I've said that to him a few times lately. But again, that's not good at all when your son notices you're also hitting a growth spurt.


Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

So glad you can finally view my blog. I am sad that we havn't had time to chat. I have had more then a minute to even think and I am sure you are even more busy. My in-laws are here for the bowl game tomorrow and then we head off to Utah with all our christmas stuff on Sunday. Luke saw an airplane yesterday and siad, "that is buddy's airplane, he is on there" Well not buddy, but you know what I mean. Sad that our communication has been reduced to blogs. Hopefully we catch up soon.

Emily said...

I'm considering moving to Oregon in the hopes that I can be called to be Buddy's primary teacher. Whoever gets that job is a lucky duck. I can just know he would send me home in stitches every single week. What a charmer.