Thursday, December 20, 2007

Life as Normal?

Now that we have the baby and we are trying to get into a routine, everything should be getting back to normal, right? Yet for some reason, I have more to do at work, M has more to do at home, and we don't remember the last time we spent an evening together. Despite how crazy things are, we do intend to keep up with the blog and contribute. M will probably continue to make crazy-long entries and I will continue with the same sort of jackassery that you would expect. For all 3 of you who read our blog, keep checking in. We will keep updating.


Emma said...

I took me 2 month to "get back to normal" after having the second child. But even then it's not they way it was, just a new normal. Good luck, you guys will figure it out.

Emma said...

I meant "months" and "the way", not "they way", oops! I need to slow down and proofread!

StrykerMan said...

Keep up the jackassery, G. Do you even have time anymore to zip up into your serial killer jumpsuit and change the oil on your own car?