Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yesterday, we were out running some errands and I had a hankerin' for some ribs. I had a gift card to Chili's, so I figured that was the place to go. In recent months, Jr. has discovered that he is also a fan of ribs. Luckily, Chili's had a kids rib special, which he ordered. His was a half rack and mine was a full rack. Once he got it, he dug in and had polished off all of his ribs, discarded them in the bone pile and started asking me for some of mine, before I had barely eaten 3. There was BBQ sauce all over the place, but he was as happy as could be. I guess he really is my son. I am proud of the boy. I wish I had a picture, but unfortunately we did not have the camera with us.


StrykerLOVE said...

my boys like ribs too - must be the mess of it all! m, reading your christmas entry - must be fun to write about 'your boys' instead of just 'your boy' now :-)

StrykerMan said...

Grandpa Coxey will be so proud to see his rib legacy continue!