Monday, December 24, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas!

Way back before we were married, my college roommates and I talked G into taking us in his Jeep to buy a real Christmas tree (in Utah). It turns out he was furious about that (because we got his beloved Jeep dirty) but was so madly in love with me, he couldn't turn us down. Once we got married he pulled the old bait and switch and has REFUSED to let me have a real tree since. It's taken me ten years, but I finally talked him into it. A really good friend was doing a fundraiser selling trees and Buddy really wanted one too. It turns out a 4-year old is a lot more persuasive than an old wife. It wasn't a beautiful tree by any means, but I loved it. We have several sentimental ornaments which Buddy so nicely put all in one place on the lower back area of the tree. (And yes, he notices if I try to move one around. "Hey! I didn't put that there!!!")

Here's Buddy decorating the tree and my sweet boys tonight in their new Christmas PJ's:

Today is my 31st Birthday. This is the first year I've thought to myself, "Oh no. Not ANOTHER Birthday." All the other years it's come around and I've been excited. But although I don't look a day older than 16, I'm starting to feel, well, like I'm in my 30's and I don't like it. Anyway, I bring up the old bday just so I can share my treasured gift from G this year. He got me some Vans, and a sweater and this lovely trophy:

I have a bad habit of telling G, "I really deserve an award for that" when I do something I think is great. Well, by golly he got the hint and had this trophy made and engraved with my name and "World's Greatest Wife." Of course for the past several days he's been anxious for me to open my presents and honestly, this is not what I expected. But I'll tell you, I laughed so hard I literally had tears running down my face.
Never a dull moment or birthday with G and Buddy around. I think I'm the LUCKIEST wife in the world!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! that trophy is the most hideous, but hilarious thing I've ever seen!

Congrats on your first tree as a married couple! We had a two foot fake tree our first year of marriage, but haven't had a tree since. I am hoping next year, with a baby around, we will be more motivated to decorate.


Emma said...

Merry Christmas!
Happy Birthday! I'll catch up to you in a few months!

Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

Ok so the trophy thing.. kudos to Greg for that! Hilarious! Also great job on the real tree... I had convinced myself to break down and buy a fake tree after Christmas this year for the years we are living in the desert. I went with Jer to target after CHristmas and then Jer says "I don't want a fake tree I like the real ones!" We have reversed roles! But I think we will forever have a real tree... Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday late... I will for sure call you when we get back from Utah.

StrykerMan said...

Nice present! Serb, haven't you always wanted to be someone's trophy wife?