Saturday, June 28, 2008


I can't tell you how many times I have heard the phrase "You don't need air conditioning in Oregon." M has said this so many times over the years that I have lost count. The thing is, is that she is not the only one I've heard that from. I think that sometime in the 80s or 90s there was some sort of brainwashing campaign that went on in Oregon that made people think this was true. Of course the concept is totally ridiculous and is frankly a load of horse crap. Yet for some reason, it took me all these years to convince M that you do in fact need AC in Oregon. Finally, a few weeks ago we started to solicits bids. We chose a company (which just so happened to be based in the town M grew up in) and set a date for the install. Yesterday, the crew showed up and a few hours later, the temperature reached a comfortable level that we've been enjoying ever since. This was just in time for the 90 to 100 degree heat that we are supposed to have for the next number of days. Even Jr has been enjoying it so much that he tells everyone who comes to the house and shows them the unit. You need AC in Oregon and whoever tells you otherwise, is not in touch with reality.


Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

Amen to that Greg. We got ours installed there just in time to get transferred here! Your house was always too hot for me. Michelle seemed to like things "toasty". Congrats on the cooler temps.!

Yang said...

Sorry M, I was with G on this one all the way.

Enjoy the coolness.

R said...

Another sign of global warming, massive invasion of Oregon by out-of-staters and the end of the world. It is true; us hardier, native Oregonians did not need air conditioning for the few days a year the temperature exceeded 89. But, alas, times have changed and I plugged mine in yesterday.

Chelle said...

We finally got one here and I have to say life is pleasant.

Vermonters feel the same way as Oregonians.

I like feeling like a human being in my own home instead of lying in front of a fan commenting on the heat every two seconds.

Michelle said...

Congratulations for finally taking that step into the 21st century! (Of course I can't speak that over the hills too loudly because even though we DO have AC at our place, we are Scroogin' it and use it very sparingly....ching, ching!!!)