Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Rest -- Part Two

And the long-anticipated finish to the story!

Buddy trying to climb the trees like the Samoans (you should have seen him practicing on our door frame this morning...)

Pee-Wee hanging out in his home-away-from home

Saturday we finally made it to the waterfall at Waimea. We had tried for days to go, but for whatever reason, they are really paranoid there and won't let you swim if the waterfall is too big or too small. (No problem that we've all been swimming in the ocean all week, but what do I know about water safety). Anyway, the walk to the falls is spectacular. It's a lush botanical garden and it was just amazing to see most of our houseplants growing in their native soils. We got to the falls and swam around for awhile. The water was deep and relatively cold (maybe that's why they're so careful??), so we only swam for about an hour. Still, I had the idea that you just can't go to Hawaii without swimming to a waterfall, so I'm so glad we went!

The Family at Waimea Falls

G swimming out to the falls

After Waimea, we went to Pupukea and hung out on the beach and did some more snorkeling. We were searching high and low for sea turtles so Buddy could say he saw one, but the surf was rough and we didn't swim out far enough. Although lots of people told us you an always see them from the sand, we weren't that lucky. Still, we saw some amazing fish. I am a little claustrophobic, but the awe of seeing life under the water trumps my fear of suffocation. So fun! While I was in the water, I kept thinking, "If I die, at least I'll die watching the sea life in Hawaii..." When we were done lounging, we went back to Haleiwa for more $1 shave ice. And we finished off the day in Waikiki for a late dinner at the hotel. G and Buddy had been looking forward to that meal all week: all-you-can eat crab legs and prime rib. Buddy's meal was free and I have a feeling they changed that policy after we left.

Enjoying $1 shave ice!

Pigging out royally!

Sunday we got up early and went down to the beach in Waikiki to watch a surfing competition. G was sorely disappointed he wasn't participating. But a local lady saw how enthusiastic Buddy was about the water and offered to give him a ride on her surfboard. Then after we showered, we sadly checked out of our home-away-from home and went back to the swap meet where we loaded up on dried fruit, cheap shirts and shorts, and a coral necklace for me. We had lunch, then took our science museum pass and got in free at the museum in Honolulu, which wasn't nearly as impressive as they made themselves out to be in their advertising.

Lucky boy got to borrow a surfboard!

Our last day in Waikiki. So sad!

After the museum we went back to Waikiki and spent the evening people-watching along the beach. Our flight wasn't until almost 11:00PM, so we walked around, drank slurpees, and watched a lot of interesting people. I decided that if I ever find myself homeless, I'd love to be homeless in Waikiki.

Precious Boys

I should add that we spent every evening walking around Waikiki. We'd browse the shops, walk out to the pier, people watch, and eat at yummy restaurants. And I can hardly believe that we spent over a week in a nice hotel and we never once used the pool.

And to think that we ended our vacation in-style waiting in line forever at the Honolulu airport, with a mix-up about going through the agriculture screening, and forgetting that G's beloved leathe.rman was stowed in our carry-on and having to hand that over to security (what do they do with all that stuff?), not to mention a red-eye home in very cramped seats. Oh, and listening to the annoying nasally flight attendant shout "Coffee? Coffee? Coffee? Coffee? Coffee? Coffee?" As she wandered row-by-row up the isle. I still can't figure out why anyone was trying to STAY awake. Why would anyone want coffee at 3:00 AM? On a flight? When there are enough annoying sounds to keep you awake for days?????

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Looks like I know what vacation to plan next. Sounds like you had a blast...that's awesome!