Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~He's Ours~

We absolutely adore our little baby. He has added so much joy to our family. I swear, there has never been more loved children born to a family -- ever. Apparently everyone feels that way about their children, but we are so happy these boys are ours.
Buddy adores his baby brother and the feeling is definitely mutual. Pee-Wee stares at Buddy, smiles at him, laughs at him, and rolls toward him more often than I could ever have expected. I didn't know infants were capable of loving that much.

And quite frankly, I've surprised myself. I knew I wanted him and I knew I loved him even before he was born, but wow. I can't imagine my life without him. I think about how lonely for him I was a year ago and now I can understand why those feelings were so strong. He is my boy and I want him to be my little sweetheart forever. Too bad his time as an infant is going by quickly and soon he won't want to snuggle with me as much as he does now. And soon he won't want me to call him my little sweetheart. But I have a feeling we'll always have a strong mother-son bond.

We worked hard to get his adoption finalized quickly for a variety of reasons, and thankfully it was done after only 4.5 months! And he was finally sealed to us on May 10th. We had the great blessing of having all of our parents, siblings and all but one spouse there for the great occasion. And we had wonderful friends support us too. He was blessed on Mother's Day, which added a lot of happy emotions to an already emotional day for me. It was a very memorable weekend and I am so happy that Buddy was old enough to take an interest in the sealing ceremony. He has asked lots of questions since and I hope this will be an experience from his life that he holds close to his heart forever. Knowing how much he loves his brother, I bet he will.
I had a dream about a week before the sealing that Pee-Wee was sick with RSV during the sealing, and wouldn't you know he was. He was sick as a dog, but the show had to go on, even if he was a little fussy and very tired all weekend. He wasn't himself at all and in fact, he cried the entire ceremony, but oh well. He buried his face in my shoulder and just nuzzled me as soon as it was over and I picked him up. His little show of love made the experience even more tender.

My Sealing Day
Portland, Oregon Temple
May 10, 2008


Emily said...

Your lovely post brought me to tears. I am so very happy for you Buddy and sweet Pee-wee.

Emily said...

Yikes. Didn't proofread. Very happy for you, *G*, Buddy, and sweet Pee-wee.

hailey said...

Congrats! That is awesome, I know what drama you've been through and I'm so excited for your little family to be together forever! Yeah!