Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Rest of Hawaii - Part One

I'm using my oft-repeated "I haven't had time" excuse...

Even though we've now been home for a few weeks, I have to post all this so you can see how attractive our family is -- and so I can document the first ever G&M family vacation in it's absolute entirety.
Monday we went to Hanauma Bay and loved it so much we tried to go back later in the week. Trouble is, it's a really popular beach, so the second time we went, the parking lot was full. It's a well-known beach for snorkeling and spotting sea turtles, although we didn't swim out far enough to see any. We took a short but steep walk down to the beach and enjoyed a full day in the sun. We took turns snorkeling and it was on this day that Buddy became very proficient at watching sea life.

Practicing the starfish float


Cute little beach bum

Check out that view! If you look closely (not at us), you can see all that coral under the water. Which is why it's such a great place to snorkel.

Tuesday we did the PCC, which you've already read all about.

Wednesday we went back up to the north shore. We drove all around the temple grounds and BYU-Hawaii, and that's when we determined we *have* to move to Hawaii. We intended to go to a waterfall, but as we drove into the parking lot it started to rain. And it rained and rained and rained that day. We had a lot of fun, though. We ended up spending the day driving all over the north shore. We stopped briefly at the Dole Plantation. And we spent the afternoon wandering around Haleiwa, "Surf Town, USA." We browsed some surf shops, met an artist who introduced us to his studio and several of his eight kids, and discovered the BEST shave ice -- and it was only a dollar! We were soaked by the end of our walk, but that didn't stop us from having dinner at a popular restaurant. I had read a review about it earlier that said "sandy feet welcome," so I figured that soaked hair and drenched clothes would be fine too! It was a really fun and memorable impromptu day. We must be Oregonians if we can have that much fun in the rain! (Except we never got our our camera, which is really a shame because we must have been a sight).

Thursday we became convinced that Buddy is an outdoorsman in the making. Look out Boy Scouts of America! We did a hike up through the crater of Diamond Head volcano. The weather was cool (70's) and extremely humid, but still it was perfect hiking weather. The hike was only 1.6 miles, but it was straight uphill. I had Pee-Wee strapped to my front in a baby carrier, so I was really happy about all the squats and lunges I've been doing in my weights class. I figured G would be able to help Buddy if he got tired. But I quickly remembered that Buddy doesn't get tired. He scrambled up the trail like it was nothing. Ever since we've been home he's been asking me why we don't have any volcanoes in Oregon to climb. He can hardly wait to take another hike, but I haven't had the heart to tell him we actually have several hills around here. I'm not in the mood for the constant begging I'm sure he'll do if only he knew. The view of Waikiki and the ocean once at the top was gorgeous and that morning ended up being one of my favorites.

The view of Waikiki at the top of the crater

One of the few family shots we got, unfortunately. Don't feel sorry for Pee-Wee. He might look uncomfortable, but he didn't just climb up the inside of a volcano in 100% humidity with a child strapped to his front.

He seemed to enjoy the hike too! Enjoyed it so well, he fell asleep on the way down.

That afternoon we went to the beach down at the base of the volcano. The waves were really rough that day, and Buddy and G played in the water until they had sand in every nook and cranny. I think the pictures of that afternoon are priceless and show how much joy Buddy got from playing in the ocean. There was hardly anyone on the beach since apparently 70-something is too cold for most people -- but it was great for us!

These pictures are my favorites!

The waves were so strong they knocked both of them down. They kept this game up for an hour or so!

Little baby was a champ to travel with! Happy, happy baby.

Friday we set out to go to Hanauma Bay again, but that didn't work out because it was too crowded. Instead we just drove along the coast until we found another fun spot to hang out. We stumbled upon Kailua Bay, apparently one of the best swimming beaches in the USA. It was another cool-ish day, so the water felt especially warm. We swam for hours, until the tide got so high, it soaked all of our towels and gear we packed. Just as we were leaving, Pee-Wee had his first ever blowout! How exciting to have poop all over creation when you're at the beach and have no way to clean everyone up (and all your gear is soaked from the ocean).

Buddy and mommy enjoying a swim

My favorite boys

Check out the color of that water. This is why this beach is such a popular swimming spot -- calm and beautiful.

And stay tuned for more... With any luck maybe I'll get the rest posted before we go again next time.


Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

What amazing pics. I especially like the ones of Greg and Noah getting knocked over. The one of Greg and the two boys turned out cute too. It seriously looks like an amazing time. If you do move to Hawaii, I am sure you will get a ton of visitors...including us!

Yin said...

Ok, I'm officially jealous! (Yang, take note). Your vacation sounds wonderful, and the pictures are great. Welcome back (sorry).